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Over 35 Years Experience!

Service upgrades

Over 35 Years of Superior Electrical Upgrades

If you are experiencing problems with your wiring, lights dimming, power surges, circuit breakers tripping or any part of your residential or commercial electrical system - we can help.  Let our licensed and insured technicians offer you a complete electrical system upgrade.

Don't feel frustrated with the constant malfunctioning of your circuit breaker due to an old or poorly installed electrical system. D & M Electric will repair, replace, or install a new electrical system as needed for your commercial or residential property at competitive rates.

Upgrade your electrical system

  • Fuse to circuit breaker conversions

  • New electrical system installations

  • Residential and commercial

  • 1-year warranty on workmanship

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Are you experiencing electrical disturbances in your home or business? Upgrade your electrical system today!


Contact us to get a FREE estimate and let our licensed and insured electricians solve all of your electrical problems with a state of the art system.

System Upgrades for Any Electrical System

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